Мария Павленкова, 18 лет


Why did I choose English Studio for improving my English skills? I don’t know, it’s difficult to say. My decision wasn’t a sign from above, but I am not disappointed with it.
Yes, I enjoy our English lessons. Firstly, because I get there something that I couldn’t get in other places – training of speech. I’m going to pass the state exam next year, so all my previous teachers gave me only those rules which were demanded for it. Knowledge of language is first of all speaking this language, so it’s necessary for learners to improve it. And I have a result. After some lessons I had a conversation with my English-speaking friend and he noticed that my English became better.
Secondly, my teacher always responds to my requests, whatever they are. I asked her to help me with my vocabulary and she brought me some interesting books in English. She is also a very kind person. Although, I wish she made me work harder than I do now)
Unfortunately I haven’t got enough time to mention other good points of ES, instead of this I’d like to thank it for my interesting lessons and wish a good luck for all English learners.